Gowntastic has a NO refund, return, exchange, or cancellation policy. We clearly communicate before the dress is purchased that once the dress is purchased the sale is final, whether or not your event ends up taking place.  When you make the decision to order or purchase from us, you are committing to that dress.

We are a no pressure sales boutique.  We want you to love your purchase and make the best decision for your circumstances.  No Regrets!  If you love it, then go for it!  We’re behind you 100%. If you are uncertain, then we advise you to think your purchase through, and contemplate your choices before committing.

As a retailer, once we purchase a dress for you we cannot return the dress to the manufacturer from which we order your dress. Our policy is clear because we want you to know everything before you buy.  If you have any concerns, please call or text to discuss your concerns with us!  We promise to give you the honest truth, because in the end that is how we enable you make the best decision.

Special Orders
Once you decide on the dress, we will check our current stock and if it is not available we will check the availability of your dress through the designer. We always check to ensure we can obtain the dress by your Wear Date. Your Wear Date is the Date you will need to be wearing the dress. Once we have confirmation the special order will be received by your Wear Date, we will then proceed with the order and notify you of the expected ship date. Your card will not be charged until we can confirm shipment of your dress before your Wear Date. Again, if the dress is not available for your Wear Date, your credit card will not be charged.

If your dress is not available, we will contact you and ask if there is another dress that you wish to check the availability. Special Order dresses require full payment in advance and the full payment is non-refundable.   Special orders can not be returned or exchanged, so make sure it is the dress you love before having us place the order.  If you have any concerns, please call or text us!

Online Sales
Please follow each designer’s size chart and our How To Take Your Measurements tutorial before purchasing your dress online.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us first before ordering.  Each designer fits differently, and each one has a slightly different size chart.  So if you try on 3 dresses from 3 different designers, you may not be the same numerical size in each.  When you shop in our store, we know which dresses run small and which run larger.  It is more difficult to tell when ordering online.  We will aid you in any way possible to find your perfect fit for the dress you love.  Please know that depending on your measurements, alterations may be required to make the dress fit perfectly.  We will find your size in your favorite dress.  If that size is out of stock in store, we are happy to order it from the designer for you if supply exists.  Our dresses sell quickly, and what you see online today may be gone tomorrow.

Will You Register My Dress for My School?
Yes! For Prom, Gowntastic will not sell the same style dress in the same color to the same school. Gowntastic carries many designers and styles that other area stores do not, decreasing the chance of a duplicate at your prom or event. We also carry an exclusive line of gowns that are not sold online, which increases your chance of having an exclusive gown.  Selling the same dress in the same color to the same school/event is not something we do at Gowntastic.

All dresses in our store are for sale. Those dresses can be purchased at any time.
We will ship out orders that are in stock in our store within 48 hours of your online order.

Orders that are fulfilled by the designer’s inventory at their warehouses take longer to arrive to you. Please expect at least 12 days for your order to arrive when it is shipped from the designer.
Special Order Custom Designer made dresses normal shipping is 16 weeks to arrive at our store.
Rush shipping is available for both in-stock and special order dresses. However, the Rush shipping dates and costs varies by designer. Please call us for additional Rush shipping information.
Also, we can carefully pack and ship your dress to any location in the USA for an additional cost. Gowntastic uses USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping.

Payment Options
We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and Paypal.

Sales Tax
When purchasing a dress in our shop, all sales will be charged with the current State of Ohio sales tax , 7.5%.
For orders, all Ohio Residents with an Ohio shipping/billing address will be charged the current Ohio state sales tax.

We do not have in-house Alterations, but we can refer you to several local Tailors that provide excellent quality and price.

Layaway: As of 3/22/2020 we no longer offer in store layaway.  You may choose to pay for your purchase with the Sezzle option, which will allow you to make payments to Sezzle.  This means you take your dress immediatley!  No more waiting months on end to pay off and pick up your dress!  Choose Sezzle for an easy payment plan that works.

If you are ordering a dress at our store, we will size you for the designer that you have chosen.   We try our best to size you to the closest fitting size to minimize alterations.  Depending on the dress style and your measurement, Alterations may be required.  Having the straps shortened or having length taken up are the most common alterations we encounter with sizing formal wear gowns.  Please consider this additional cost when deciding on your purchase.

If you are measuring your own size to special order a gown: no refunds, returns, or exchanges will be accepted for measuring the incorrect size. The dress is made to the measurements in the size chart, not your specific measurements.  Be sure to pick the largest of your three measurements.   If you have questions regarding measuring please feel free to contact us via email. The measurements you give us regarding our policy applies to all items sold on this site including clothing, shoes, and accessories. We will ask for your measurements when you confirm your order and we will double check the size and assist accordingly.

We do not provide measurements for dresses not ordered through our store.